BIOMASS PARTNERS Ltd. is your reliable supplier for log wood, wood pellets, wood chips, waste wood and other biomass. We supply to power plants and distributors for residential heating and chipboard manufacturer. 

BIOMASS PARTNERS Ltd is specialized on the global supply of biomass. Utility companies with their power plants, chipboard producers and paper mills are our industry clients. In addition to the industrial sector we supply top-quality wood pellets in 15 kg bags for residential heating. We have a range of retail clients buying receiving our wood pellets regularly either by truck or by container. 


Our clients benefit from our competence and experience in trading, financing and agri-business. Think global - act local! We understand our clients' needs and their political and regulatory requirements. On the other hand we know the farmers, sawmill and pellet producers in this world. We handle all logistics to ship the biomass reliable and on time, in the agreed quantity and quality.