BIOMASS - whatever your boiler can burn, we can supply!

Next to wood pellets we actually focus on wood chip production. Our new, highly competitive product is the wood bale, produced with a John Deere slash blundler, compressing tree tops and branches into 1m3 bales with a weight of 450 kg/m3, optimizing shipping costs. We chip at Port of Arrival or at the power plant. We consider this concept as the most efficient long distance supply for wood chips with moisture content between 35 to 45%.  


As you can see in the pictures above, we can also offer eucalyptus- and debarked pine log wood for chipboard- and paper production. Due to the strong USD we actually see ourselves in an excellent position to supply Spanish debarked pine logs for MDF- and chipboard production in Turkey. 


We combine sound experience in business consulting, finance and marketing. 


We are a top-level consulting firm for your perfect solution in green energy. We advise and organize test volumes and ship regularly the required quantities of biomass and biofuels to achieve your goals.

BIOMASS PARTNERS Ltd. offers the following biomass products:


  • Wood Chips (wet or dry qualities) 
  • Wood Bales (eucalyptus, coniferous)
  • Wood Pellets i1 and i2 quality bulk
  • Wood Pellets EN PLUS A1-conform in big bags and 15kg bags
  • Sunflowerhusk Pellets bulk 

Gigajoules per Tonne

What is the price of biomass? The biomass buyer is only interested in the “calorific value” of biomass or how much energy the biomass can deliver. When the energy content is higher than average, a higher price is paid, and when the laboratory tests show a low calorific value, a lower price is paid. We charge in GJ or MW/h per ton. 

Roland Jansen's new book on biomass. Roland is supporting BIOMASS PARTNERS as an associate project partner.