We supply top-quality wood pellets in 15 kg bags all over Italy, France, Switzerland and UK.

We know wood pellet plants in many countries in this world, had seen the smallest ones and the world's largest one, we selected the most suitable ones for our clients in our main market Italy and we organized an excellent logistics in order to supply reliably, on-time and in perfect condition to our clients. 

We ship every day containers and we load every day trucks in order to supply the 15 kg bagged wood pellets to retailers, mainly in Italy and with a focus on the islands Sardinia and Sicilia. We know very well the advantages of a DIN PLUS Certified production which we have within BIOMASA PARTNERS GROUP. But we also source from small, owner-driven pellet plants and supply for example our own, new European trademark registered POWER-PELLET®. 


This is premium quality - our high-end wood pellet with DIN PLUS Certification!